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Bobbleheads were first introduced in the 1950`s. Basically, they are a figurine with a head that bobbles. In the 1960`s Major League Baseball began to make bobble heads out of paper-mache. By the World Series, baseball began making player specific bobbleheads. They made a Roberto Clemente, Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, and Willie Mays. These highly collectible bobbleheads all had the same face despite the men have very distinct looks. Also in the 1960`s a famous set of bobbleheads was designed. The Beatles bobbleheads are still a sought after item.

Soon bobbleheads fell off in popularity. But in 1999 they began a comeback. The Giants offered a new Willie Mays bobblehead. And then Bobbleheads were back in demand. Now there are many different toy bobbleheads. Most every sports league in America has bobbleheads. The only toy to rival Bobbleheads has been Happy Meal Toys.

Are you a huge Kobe Bryant or Jason Kidd fan Maybe you love Tony Romo. Or just a sports fan with a love of all sports Now you can find bobbleheads of most popular sports figures. You can also get famous people on a bobblehead. For the upcoming election show your support for your candidate with either a Barack Obama or John McCain political bobblehead.

Poker bobbleheads feature some of the most interesting characters to make in onto the poker scene.The popularity of professional poker has made bobbleheads of famous poker players a legitimate collectible. With prices of poker bobbleheads being so cheap you can easily fill your den or game room with a whole casino`s worth of world class poker players.

Collecting poker bobbleheads is kind of like the game of poker itself. It involves strategy to get what you want, knowledge of the players involved and a keen sense of how much cash you should put on the table. If you play your cards right by shopping online you can score great deals on some of the greatest poker bobblehead characters around.

Bobbleheads Galore
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