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Forever collectibles started in the collectibles business in 1998. The company first started out making bears with team logos. It has since grown to include an array of collectibles for many different sports leagues. If you want a unique bobblehead look at the Forever Collectibles product line.

Forever collectibles is a leading manufacturer of licensed sports collectibles such as bobbleheads. Even the most die hard sports fan is reluctant to buy sports memorabilia of poor quality. Forever Collectibles innovative approach to manufacturing bobbleheads keeps the prices down while keeping the quality of the pieces up.

The lifelike representation of facial features and inclusion of important details on the team uniform attract discriminating collectors who are as passionate about quality as they are their favorite team. To a collector a Forever Collectibles bobblehead isn't a toy. It`s a sculpture that is capable of movement, a memento of important players and games and a tribute to some of the most outstanding athletes of our time.

No matter whom your favorite player is or your favorite team, you are sure to find the bobblehead you want. You can already get a Brett Favre bobblehead with his new jersey. Order a collection now!

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