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The stadium giveaway is a clever way to increase the number of fans that come to the game. SGA is what ushered in the second wave of bobbleheads. San Francisco gave away a Willie Mays bobblehead. After that bobbleheads were a hot item.

Now SGA have evolved to include more than just sports stars. On an Election year you can often get a presidential hopeful bobblehead. At a minor league baseball game in 2004 the number of bobbleheads given away correctly predicted who would win the presidential election. You easily find out what bobbleheads will be given away at your local stadium.

Did you miss out on a bobblehead night at your local stadium Find the bobblehead that you missed on EBay. You can find hard to find SGA bobblehead dolls there.

What makes a free promotional item like SGA bobbleheads so collectible is the popularity of the athlete depicted in the bobblehead and the limited number of quantities produced. A certain bobblehead figure may be created in a limited number for the purpose of being given out at only one game.

SGA Bobbleheads are popular with kids, sports fans and collectors alike. The kids see the bobbleheads as a fun toy. The sports fans enjoy having a souvenir of the great players that make the games worth watching. The collector may be a sports fan, a bobblehead fan or both.

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